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4 Reasons You Should Use Kensington WP Themes – When you see website like airbnb where people can rent a room or a single property and book it via online, you might want to replicate it. Maybe not as multi listing with many users, but multi listing with one single user. It is very doable. If you want to do it with wordpress, the Kensington theme should come to your mind.
So what is the Kensington theme and what can this theme do?
Kensington is a real estate and property management wordpress theme. These are 4 resons why you should use kensington wp theme. Read More

kensington versus real estate themes

How to Choose The Best Real Estate WP Theme – In WordPress, the website’s look (design) and interface rely on the theme you choose. That’s why choosing a theme might be a crucial part, especially for real estate website. Real estate website needs some exceptional features like listing, search ability, and maps integration. You have to make sure all of these features has to be in a great design and interface. Having a great design and interface is a first step to achieve the end goal why you build the website: to sell or rent property. In this post, I’ll cover some basics that every great real estate website must have. Read More

Version 1.1.0 (April 16, 2018)
– New theme styles
– New theme color
– New header styles
– New mobile menu styles
– New footer styles
– New heading font & body font settings
– New blog sidebar setting
– New booking features: add booking from admin, booking payments, invoice, booking timeline

How to Effectively Build Trust on Your Real Estate Website to Increase Listing

Build Trust To Your Real Estate Website – Trust is one of most valuable factor in building any business, no exception for property business. Especially in the era of the internet today.
As we know home is a basic human need. Hence the need for home will increase as the human population increases. It can be said that demand for housing will continue to increase. This increase in demand makes the real estate business is a profitable business. The real estate business does not seem to be saturated. Let alone plus the more easy people do business that is through the internet. But many people use the internet technology precisely to deceive people. Therefore one of the major challenges in the today’s internet boom is the issue of trust. A challenge that must be answered as people today are searching everything through internet.
one way to answer the challenge is to create a trusted website. Read More

Version 1.0.1 (March, 11, 2018)

– Fix missing search property type field in property search component
– Fix slow loading map/map not showing in search page templates
– Fix errors in php before version 5.5
– Fix center location in property map
– Fix widgets: property search & property list

Blog tips for seo is much inspired for people to create a seo friendly blog. Such blogs are surely preferred by most of the viewers due to reaching the first page in search engine. It is great and effective guidance to apply and make your own seo blogs. Don’t give up to build it. If you are successful to make it, it brings more benefits to you.

Formatting Posting URL Blog Link

blog tips for seo

To make your blog’s seo killer, it is time to format posting url blog link. It is often called to be permalink taking a huge role in the article rank in the serp position in search engine. If you get interested to make it happen, you must obey some rules. What are they? The posting title is not more than 50 characters, and don’t use stop words in permalink. Read More

wordpress theme

Generally, the beginners get confused on selecting wordpress web developer theme. The confusion happens due to a wide variety of free or paid theme choices. Every theme has strengths and weaknesses. How do you select the best theme for your needs? Let’s consider the following things.

Must Be Responsive

Responsive theme is a theme that can adjust to the appearance of website in some sizes of device screen. The theme of wordpress is being a good traffic increase to attract more viewers visiting to your website. The most creative wordpress themes can be a good choice for being applied to your website wordpress. It shows a friendly website for mobile devices seeding the top position in the mobile search. The real theme of wordpress has been responsive in default way. But, there are some other reasons to find the new one and the most responsive theme. Read More

Internet has developed rapidly to be a virtual community where you can get anything. It is working for increasing the profits of your business. There are many successful businessmen starting the success from internet. To attain the goals, you should make a website absolutely free. You need to find the best website makers for handling your website for business. Here are some recommended applications for making a free website.


This website maker is based in Israel famously known by internet users in some years. Wix was established in 2006 but it has almost 60 millions of the users in all over the world and gets developing today. Wix was previously using an application based on flash for website builder but today it has used website based HTML5. Of course, it has been embedded by the latest technology. By using Wix, you are able to make a free website with various effects and interesting animation without understanding programming bases. That is why it becomes the best free website maker accessed very well through smartphone and gadgets. Read More

WordPress theme developer is actually, quite promising profession you can choose today. With the increase of WordPress user and many of them use it for business or making money, they will need good theme. The theme must be able to represent their business and even give them good function in running their business. Now, if you want to try this stuff, there are few things that you need to do, so you can create good quality WordPress theme.

Good Design

First, you can’t just create wordpress theme from html. But, you need to design, how your theme will looks like. Create sketch of the theme and frame of the whole theme. For example, you need to determine where you want to place sidebars, color type, font, and header capability in adapting different content and many more. Read More