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5 tips to make wordpress security

Website Security System is a very important which must have to be done and in order to avoid any type of loss and mishaps, you must be vigilant about the security of the website WordPress security is more often is the important aspect which you will have to consider which had influence and do affect your site that starts from the plugins that you choose to install, the themes you will end up using and other aspects that don’t come to your mind as frequently as they should.

  1. Delete the used username “Admin”

You must use a stronger password or the kind of a phonetic password which is stronger and it is too tough to break for hackers you also can use two-factor security system as many of providing these kinds of services like cloud, Google, drop box so why you do not these for you word press services for efficient services these are better option to secure your data and contents. The most important thing is that don’t make admin as your login id because 90% people have admin as their login id and this is golden opportunity to hack your website and get the required info or the specific task for that they hack these are major precaution which uses to mostly to avoid any type of misshapen.

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wordpress slider

The website is the finest way to interact the customers and talk to them with the sliding images shown on a front side and to make it attractive – the website is the platform to stay connected your clients but for the purpose, you need an eye-catching presentation to your front side.

But you need not worry as Sangar Slider is the solution to your needs – yes, this is world best plugin for presenting the images in an eye-catching way and enhances the presentation of the website. The owners know that images are somewhat that attracts customers and indicate the message of the site and beauty of its use.

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how to create a free online store with wordpress

Online marketing in today’s digital world has become very exciting. Almost all online businesses, E-stores and SMEs use various product promotion systems in the virtual world to promote their businesses. Creating an online store is not difficult. Platforms like WordPress have made it very simple to create an online store.

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is used to create attractive and easy to use websites. In addition, there are a lot of various WordPress plugins available which enhance the overall performance and appearance of the website.

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Pada tanggal 12 April 2016, Facebook mengumumkan bahwa mereka membuka pendaftaran instant articles untuk semua pemilik website di seluruh dunia. Hal ini tentunya sangat menarik bagi kita semua, mengingat facebook adalah sosial media terbesar yang tentunya berpotensi untuk mendatangkan banyak visitor ke website kita. Maka dari itu, di artikel ini kami akan membahas tentang instant articles, bagaimana caranya daftar dan menerapkannya di fanpage facebook Anda.

Apa itu Instant Articles?

Instant Articles adalah produk facebook untuk menampilkan website secara cepat dan interaktif kepada user facebook. Cara kerja instant articles adalah memfilter bagian-bagian tertentu website saat diakses di aplikasi facebook, sehingga kecepatannya meningkat secara drastis. Kemudian website akan terbuka normal saat diakses dari selain aplikasi facebook. Untuk lebih lengkapnya Anda bisa mengunjungi https://instantarticles.fb.com/

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In this tutorial, we will learn how to create responsive slider using Sangar Slider with different slider (layout) between desktop and mobile. Actually, Sangar slider is already responsive by default, but instead of only using ordinary responsiveness like other competitors, we push the responsiveness even further. Let me show you.

1. Go to wp-admin > Add Basic Slider

2. Fill in the title and click Add New Slider

3. (Optional) You can choose your preset, to make the job easier. There are 12 beautifuly handcrafted presets avialable to choose.

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PSD to Worddpress

With increase in mobile browser usage compared to desktops, creating responsive websites has become a need more than just a fad. Without a mobile version of your website, you may lose a lot of potential users, depending on the amount of traffic that is coming to your website from mobile devices. If you’re already running a WordPress site for desktops and are thinking about going mobile, you’ll probably consider building a responsive WordPress site from the ground up. But that’s not necessary unless you’ve good programming skills and knowledge. Read More

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In this tutorial we will guide you how to integrate Tonjoo Theme Options Maker (TTOM) into your WordPress Theme. Please note that the current version of TTOM is only come in plugin version. So every theme using TTOM must have TTOM installed on their plugin.

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WorPress page template is a feature that enable us to create different layout for each page in our website. In this tutorial we are going to create a new Page Template called “Contact” . This tutorial is using the default Twenty Fourteen theme. However this technique can be applied to other themes, we choose Twenty Fourteen to simplify matters.

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WordPress Shortcode

Shortcode enable wordpress plugin developer to create special content (form,gallery,slideshow, etc) that users can easly attach to certain page/post.

Mostly shortcode was inserted into post/page. But  actually  we can also call shortcode within our theme  directly. For example if you have a shortcode to call a gallery and you want the gallery to be displayed on top of your web page / landing page.

Insert a shortcode to theme is a bit tricky. Calling the shorcode is easy, the problem is where to put the shortcode. To properly insert a shorcode to desired position in your theme need a little HTML knowledge.

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