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Version 1.1.1 (May 1, 2018)
– Fix booking widget form
– Fix property search widget
– Fix some bugs in style 2 & 3
– Add support for PWA Optimizer plugin
– Add a new option to change property archive page

What is Exactly Kensington WP Theme Used For

What does Exactly Kensington WP Theme Good For – Kensington is a wordpress theme dedicated to real estate or property website purpose. It is not only created for profesional in real estate industry but also common people who want to rent their properties such as villa, homestay, or guesthouse. Thanks to user friendly concept design that Kensington has.

Below, I am going to explain what is exactly Kensington WP theme good for.

1. Kensington WP Theme is Suitable for Realtor

Kensington WP Theme is Suitable for Realtor

Kensington is a real estate WordPress theme. So, the main audiences for this theme are realtors. This theme is for realtors who want to make a website  to sell or rent their properties. These are the features which are designed specifically for realtors. Read More

Kensington - Real Estate Property Management WordPress Theme

2018’s Responsive Real Estate WP Theme – When you face the fact that 84% of all buyers in 2017 consider the information they find on the internet as a crucial part for their home searching, an optimized real estate website is a must. It means that if you are a real estate agent, you can’t sell your properties without a nice and powerful website.
Developing a website is easy. Personally, I recommend to use WordPress. Designing and developing a website using wordpress is effortless. WordPress is easy to set up and customized. So, it won’t be difficult for you to build a real estate website using wordpress. Today, we have collected some wordpress theme that has been optimized for real estate purpose. 2018 Best Responsive Real Estate wordpress theme Read More

Kensington Property Management WP Theme

Manage Your Listings With Kensington WP Theme – Managing property listing could be a tedious work because one property contains many informations, ex: price, location, room detail, etc. A special credit goes to WordPress which has a great flexibilty to be customized into what user want including a real estate website. Talking about real estate website built with wordpress, Kensington should come into your consideration. Kensington has complete features to turn your website into real estate website. The main reason why you should use Kensington is because it has at least 5 main key features, such as; Read More

How to Create Online Booking Website with WordPress – Travelling is getting popular recently. It makes travel business turn out into one of profitable business around the world. Moreover, internet helps this business to grow faster. Both of the owners of the business and their costumers can do the transaction online via a website. Airbnb is a good example to explain this. If you are interested in this business, it is your time to develop your own online booking website.

Take the burden off your shoulder. You don’t have to be a code master to develop a website. WordPress will do it easily for you. Moreover, if you choose Kensington as your online booking wp theme, you don’t have to touch the code to create such a nice and functional travel website to do the online booking.
Let me introduce you to some interesting points that Kensington theme has. Read More

Read This! Before You Buy A Real Estate WP Theme

Read This! Before You Buy A Real Estate WP Theme – Choosing a theme for your real estate website is a difficult task. Theme developers always say that their theme is the best. As a user, you need to be picky because your theme represent your business. The available themes out there offer many features that sometimes you don’t need. We can not blame theme because they serve many users with many needs. So, we have to be smart when choosing a real estate theme. These are some mistakes that you can avoid when purchasing real estate theme. Read More

4 Reasons You Should Use Kensington WP Themes – When you see website like airbnb where people can rent a room or a single property and book it via online, you might want to replicate it. Maybe not as multi listing with many users, but multi listing with one single user. It is very doable. If you want to do it with wordpress, the Kensington theme should come to your mind.
So what is the Kensington theme and what can this theme do?
Kensington is a real estate and property management wordpress theme. These are 4 resons why you should use kensington wp theme. Read More

kensington versus real estate themes

How to Choose The Best Real Estate WP Theme – In WordPress, the website’s look (design) and interface rely on the theme you choose. That’s why choosing a theme might be a crucial part, especially for real estate website. Real estate website needs some exceptional features like listing, search ability, and maps integration. You have to make sure all of these features has to be in a great design and interface. Having a great design and interface is a first step to achieve the end goal why you build the website: to sell or rent property. In this post, I’ll cover some basics that every great real estate website must have. Read More

Version 1.1.0 (April 16, 2018)
– New theme styles
– New theme color
– New header styles
– New mobile menu styles
– New footer styles
– New heading font & body font settings
– New blog sidebar setting
– New booking features: add booking from admin, booking payments, invoice, booking timeline

How to Effectively Build Trust on Your Real Estate Website to Increase Listing

Build Trust To Your Real Estate Website – Trust is one of most valuable factor in building any business, no exception for property business. Especially in the era of the internet today.
As we know home is a basic human need. Hence the need for home will increase as the human population increases. It can be said that demand for housing will continue to increase. This increase in demand makes the real estate business is a profitable business. The real estate business does not seem to be saturated. Let alone plus the more easy people do business that is through the internet. But many people use the internet technology precisely to deceive people. Therefore one of the major challenges in the today’s internet boom is the issue of trust. A challenge that must be answered as people today are searching everything through internet.
one way to answer the challenge is to create a trusted website. Read More