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Simple Banner & Ads Manager is a small, easy to use plugin that allows you to place a banner or ads on a posts. Banners can be placed anywhere in your posts, including in the middle, top or bottom of your post. You can add multiple ads/banner inside your post to fit your needs. You can change the position of your ads/banner in realtime with intuitive point-and-click user interface to move your ads between paragraph.

In this step-by-step tutorial, we will learn how to use IBAM to show and manage your ads on your post. Actually, IBAM’s already very descriptive, so I won’t explain again one-by-one the options inside IBAM, you can read our WIKI if you need all explanation about all the options.

Sometimes, all you need is just simple static ads without fuzz or fancy code snippet. If yes, then IBAM is for you. You can create ads with only static image/banner and insert link to it.

1. Click Add Banner button


That button will display all the options and form you needed to create your ads, like title, banner type, location, et cetera :


The most important option is Banner Type. In here, you must choose 1 from 4 types of banner, there are google ads, text editor, banner and link, shortcode.

2. Choose your banner type

Like I said before, banner type is one of the most important option in IBAM, we will cover one-by-one of these options. Start from :

Google Ads : Google Ads is an online advertising service that enables advertisers to compete to display brief advertising copy to web users, via google network web pages. You can display your google adwords using IBAM by choosing this banner type, and put your google ads code inside editor :


Text Editor : A text editor is a banner type used for editing plain text or HTML. IBAM provide you with text editor option so you can have more control over your banner/ads content.


Banner and Link : This feature allow you to upload static image and put a link inside it. You can upload image with any size, IBAM will set it auto berfore displaying it.


Shortcode : Shortcodes in WordPress are little bits of code that allow you to do various things with little effort. This allows you to embed files or create objects that would normally require a lot of code in just one single line.

Put your shortcode inside desktop content :


3. Set your banner/ad location

The next thing to-do after you decide the banner type is, set its location. You can put your banner/ad in above or below articel, even between the paragraph. You can also using our intuitive point-and-click feature to set your ads location in real time.



At this tutorial, we will set the banner/ad after paragraph 1.

4. Set the behaviour, create banner for mobile user

Behaviours options determine the behaviour of your ads. You can use only native desktop content, or you can also enable mobile content (if you want to display different ads for different device).

Enable Mobile Content : Check this option if you want to display different content/ads for mobile device

Use PHP Movile Version : Check this if you want ti display the mobile content based on PHP version, not JS.

We will create different banner for mobile user, then we should check the “Enable Mobile Content” :


5. Create your banner/ad content

Content Editor is a place where you put your ads/banner content. And content editor is depend on what banner type you are using. Eg, if your using Text Editor banner type, the content editor will change to HTML editor. If you are using banner & link banner type, content editor will change to image upload field.

On this tutorial, we will create Banner & Link ad, so don’t forget to choose Banner & Link in Banner Type option. After that, image upload field will displayed. Upload your banner, and write its link :


Mobile editor will display if you check Mobile Editor in behaviour. Use mobile editor if you want to show different ads/banner for mobile device. Upload different image in Mobile Content tab :


And this is our banner when seeing from mobile resolution, as you can see, it’s different from desktop banner :

Screenshot from 2016-08-19 14-36-20

6. Settings before you publish your ads

You need to setting your banners/ads before publishing it. The settings is very simple, I’ll explain one-by-one of its options :


1. Show on Post Type : Choose where you want to display your ads/banner based on which post type.

2. Disable for terms : Disable IBAM based on post category. So IBAM won’t displyed in that category.

3. Limit banner for logged in user : Disable IBAM only for logged in user, and enable IBAM for anoymous or guest user.

4. Mobile treshold : Set the based treshold for mobile based display.

5. Show on Homepage : Check YES if you want to display IBAM on homepage.

6. Show on Archive : Check YES if you want to display IBAM on archive.

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