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This script allow you to create a rotation backup for your files and mysql database. The backup target can be local or remote (FTP).

The script have 3 backup type

  • Daily backup
  • Weekly backup (default : perform every sixth day of the week)
  • Monthly backup (default : perform every first day of the month)

This script provide you customize the where to backup of each backup type. For example you can choose to do daily and weekly backup on local machine and monthly backup on FTP server.

Each type of backup will have a backup retention(copy). The default retention for every type of backup can be configured.

The backup retention default day is :

  • Daily backup : 3 Day ( 3 daily backup )
  • Weekly backup : 14 Day ( ~2 weekly backup )
  • Monthly backup : 30 Day ( ~1 Monthly backup )

Please consider your space when creating many retention.

Table of Content

  1. Usage Instruction
  2. Backup Type Configuration
  3. FTP Backup Configuration
  4. Contribute and Contact

1. Usage Instruction

  1. Download the script into your NIX server.
  2. Open the file using your favourite editor (ex :nano or vi)


  3. Edit the configuration file. MYSQL configuration, for minimal BACKUP_DIR, TARGET_DIR must be filled.
    # The directory to be backup , DO NOT END THE DIRECTORY WITH BACKSLASH ! TARGET_DIR=/target_directory # The backup directory , DO NOT END THE DIRECTORY WITH BACKSLASH ! BACKUP_DIR=/your_backup_direcory # Admin email MAIL="" # Number of day the daily backup keep RETENTION_DAY=3 # Number of day the weekly backup keep RETENTION_WEEK=14 # Number of day the monthly backup keep RETENTION_MONTH=30 #Monthly date backup option (day of month) MONTHLY_BACKUP_DATE=1 #Weekly day to backup option (day of week - 1 is monday ) WEEKLY_BACKUP_DAY=6 
  4. Make the script executable
    chmod +x 
  5. Test the script
  6. If the script running correctly the file will be available on TARGET_DIR. Try to extract the file and check the content
    tar -xzfv [filename].tgz 
  7. To make the backup running daily, put it on the crontab
    #run crontab crontab -e #put this line on crontab 0 0 * * * sh [path to your ] 
  8. If crontab not available, install cronie package first (CentOS)
    yum install cronie 

2. Backup Type Configuration

To customize the backup type you must alter the LOCAL_BACKUP_OPTION and FTP_BACKUP_OPTION in the configuration script.

The configuration value of LOCAL_BACKUP_OPTION and FTP_BACKUP_OPTION can be view on the table below

Backup type configuration

For example, if you want to do daily on local and week on FTP you must fill both options with this value


3. FTP Backup Configuration

  1. Make sure that you fill the FTP_BACKUP_OPTION with correct value
  2. Fill the FTP configuration on the script
    # ----------------- # FTP Configuration # Enter all data within the ' ' single quote ! # ----------------- #This is the FTP servers host or IP address. FTP_HOST='FTP HOST' #FTP PORT FTP_PORT=21 #This is the FTP user that has access to the server. FTP_USER='FTP USER' #This is the password for the FTP user. FTP_PASSWORD='FTP_PASSWORD' #The backup directory on remote machine, DO NOT END THE DIRECTORY WITH BACKSLASH ! FTP_TARGET_DIR='/remote_path' 

You can download the script at github : ‘’

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