4 Cara Menggunakan Plugin Reminder Pembayaran WooCommerce

Bagi Anda yang sudah install WooCommerce di WordPress untuk membuat toko online, mungkin Anda juga butuh cara menggunakan Plugin Reminder Pembayaran agar dapat meningkatkan penjualan. Plugin Reminder Pembayaran atau Payment Reminder adalah plugin WordPress …

31 Jan 2024
4 Menit

Inline Banner & Ads Manager Tutorial [Indonesia]

Inline Banner & Ads Manager (IBAM) adalah plugin yang mudah digunakan yang memungkinkan Anda untuk menempatkan banner atau iklan pada halaman posting. Banner dapat ditempatkan di mana saja di posting Anda, termasuk di tengah-tengah, …

22 Agu 2016
3 Menit

Inline Banner & Ads Manager Tutorial [English]

Simple Banner & Ads Manager is a small, easy to use plugin that allows you to place a banner or ads on a posts. Banners can be placed anywhere in your posts, including in …

19 Agu 2016
3 Menit

W3 Total Cache Purge All Post Plugin

W3Total Cache Page caching mechanism is somewhat very confusing. Which page to purge ? does the archive need to purge to? how about the widget? We know that W3 Total Cache already have mechanism …

27 Okt 2013
< 1 Menit

Insert Shortcode into Your WordPress Theme

Insert shortcode enables WordPress plugin developer to create special content such as forms, galleries, and slideshows that users can easily integrate into specific pages or posts. By using the simple syntax¬†[shortcode_name shortcode_parameter], users can …

19 Jan 2013
3 Menit

WordPress Plugin : Fluid Responsive Slideshow Plugin

Description Sangar Slider is a premium high quality slider plugin for WordPress. With smooth animation, layered slide, touch and swipe support, easy to use and trully responsive. Packed with premium skins and template, and …

10 Jan 2013
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