10 High Priced WordPress Themes You Might Have Missed

The popularity of WordPress is on the rise and so is the popularity of WordPress themes. There are not many WordPress themes that exceed $100. Usually, a typical theme costs between $20-$75 each. Looking …

02 Feb 2016
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Mino – Free Responsive & Modern WordPress Theme

There are a lot of free wordpress theme out there, but little to none which really pay attention to design, aesthetic, beauty and taste of its theme. Except Mino theme. Brought to you by …

01 Feb 2016
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Easy Custom Auto Excerpt Tonjoo

Easy Custom Auto Excerpt is a WordPress plugin to cut/excerpt your post displayed on the home, search or archive pages. By using this plugin you don’t need to excerpt your post manualy; just activate …

20 Jan 2016
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Tutorial Plugin Ongkos Kirim Tonjoo

Plugin Ongkos Kirim adalah plugin WordPress dan WooCommerce yang dibuat oleh Tonjoostudio. Dengan menggunakan plugin ini, Anda bisa melakukan perhitungan ongkos kirim dengan cepat dan tepat pada online shop Anda. Posting ini akan menjelaskan …

18 Jan 2016
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Cara Menggunakan Plugin Woo Ongkir

Deskripsi : Woo Ongkir adalah extension WooCommerce yang berfungsi untuk menghitung ongkos kirim seluruh Indonesia (JNE, POS, Tiki, dll). Dengan menggunakan extension ini, anda tidak perlu memasukan data ongkos kirim secara manual, karena plugin …

09 Apr 2015
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Creating a Responsive WordPress Website: Tips Worth Considering

With increase in mobile browser usage compared to desktops, creating responsive websites has become a need more than just a fad. Without a mobile version of your website, you may lose a lot of …

18 Mar 2015
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Tonjoo and PayPal Partnership

Tonjoo and PayPal, a leading online payment system, have announced a partnership which will allow Tonjoo to offer superior support to its current and prospective clients using PayPal.  This partnership will help Tonjoo & …

09 Okt 2014
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Customizing Your WordPress Login Page without Plugin

WordPress logo on login page can be very boring, especially if you always see it every day. You could just use a plugin to replace it, but it would be more interesting if you …

27 Agu 2014
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Protect Your WordPress from Brute-Force Attack

Brute-force attack is a method that commonly used by crackers to get the username and password from their victims. How this method works is very simple, and fairly easy to understand, but can be very difficult …

27 Agu 2014
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How to Detect Malicious Code in your WordPress Themes

Malicious code is everywhere. They can also infect a website, server, even in a WordPress theme. It could be a trojans, botnets, even more dangerous, a backdoor / webshell. So it’s very important to do a routine …

26 Agu 2014
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