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Customizing Your WordPress Login Page without Plugin

WordPress logo on login page can be very boring, especially if you always see it every day. You could just use a plugin to replace it, but it would be more interesting if you change it yourself manually, of course with a bit of hacking on your WordPress code. Don’t worry young padawan, it’s super easy!.

In this simple step-by-step tutorial, I will guide you to change the WordPress logo on your login page. Enjoy!

1. Put your custom logo image to your /your-wp-theme/img folder.

2. Use the login_enqueue_scripts hook to insert CSS into the head of the login page so WordPress can loads your custom logo. Put this code into your /your-wp-theme/functions.php :



3. Change ā€œyour-custom-logo.pngā€ with your image file. You can also adjust size, width, height value to fit your need.

4. Open your login page, and press ctrl+shift+R, and see your shiny logo… šŸ™‚

Custom WP Login

Custom WP Login


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