CSS Before After image with center text

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A cross-browser boilerplate for centering text with before after image.

The sample result is :


You can also view it live here :

Live Sample , Click Here

Tested on :

  1. IE 8 – 10 (Yeaah IE compatible :D) ~ IE < 8 is not supporting before after css
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Chrome
  4. Opera


How to use it :

  1. Download the package, open index.php on sample folder
  2. Tweak your CSS According your need. The syntax is straightforward and i also have put some notes on it
  3. Standard usage :
    <div class='before-after-center'> <span class='wrapper'> <h4>Beautifull Center Heading with before after ornament</h4> </span> </div> 

Question and support

Please use the github issues forum : https://github.com/todiadiyatmo/css-before-after-image-with-center-text/issues

Source code download

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