How to Choose the Best Real Estate WP Theme Wisely

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The Best Real Estate WP Theme – In WordPress, the website’s look (design) and interface rely on the theme you choose. That’s why choosing a theme might be a crucial part, especially for real estate website.

Real estate website needs some exceptional features like listing, search ability, and maps integration. You have to make sure all of these features has to be in a great design and interface.

Having a great design and interface is a first step to achieve the end goal why you build the website: to sell or rent property. In this post, I’ll cover some basics that every great real estate website must have.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate WP Theme?

Here’s how to choose the best real estate WP theme that will help you boost sales on real estate website.

1. Try to Check The Speed ​​and Performance of Your Website After Installing The Theme

To find the best real estate WP theme, the first step you should do is checking the speed and its performance after you install the theme on your website.

I will not talk too much here, but let the fact tell the truth. I have tested the Kensington versus best seller real estate WordPress themes on Themeforest, and here is the result.
kensington versus real estate themes
If you think that I modified the screenshot with some image processor, you can try it by yourself.

2. Find a WordPress Responsive Theme That Can be Accessed on Mobile Devices

Choose the Best Real Estate WordPress Theme

The second step to choose the best real estate WP theme is by reviewing it, and see whether it is responsive or not, and whether the responsiveness is good.

I can guarantee, since 2017, most themes available online are built with mobile responsiveness in mind. So, now the issue is no longer about compatibility but about how do they look on small screen. Messy or not.

In some cases the design of website looks great on the desktop but messed up in mobile devices, as well as its interface. Arranging the interface in small screen like mobile devices is just a different challenge for website designer.

They have to think about user experience when website is accessed with mobile devices. Kensington has great user experience both on desktop and mobile device.

Users can search in mobile device as smooth as in desktop. Booking property is easy both on desktop version and mobile versions.

3. Do Not Use Unused Features

The last step to choose the best real estate WP theme is looking its features. Many premium WordPress themes out there offer mega or even giga features. They use it for compelling user to buy their theme. After customers buy it, they don’t use it.

Many of theme features that they don’t use. Those features turn into junk. In addition, it is just make your theme overload your server. Kensington is different. Kensington features just straight forward for real estate website.

The most beloved one is dedicated page builder. Kensington has its own page builder that specifically build for real estate website purpose.

Meanwhile, other themes use common page builder (even premium) which many elements of theme you will never use it for building real estate theme.

View Demo

Any Other Tips on How to Choose the Best Real Estate WP Theme?

Those are some of the tips on how to choose the best real estate WP theme so that you can build your property website properly.

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strategies to boost sales on real estate website

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