How to Effectively Build Trust on Your Real Estate Website to Increase Listing

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Build trust on your Real Estate website – Trust is one of most valuable factor in building any business, no exception for property business. Especially in the era of the internet today.

As we know home is a basic human need. Hence the need for home will increase as the human population increases. It can be said that demand for housing will continue to increase. This increase in demand makes the real estate business is a profitable business.

The real estate business does not seem to be saturated. Let alone plus the more easy people do business that is through the internet. But many people use the internet technology precisely to deceive people.

Therefore one of the major challenges in the today’s internet boom is the issue of trust. A challenge that must be answered as people today are searching everything through internet.

One way to answer the challenge is to create a trusted website. Therefore, you need to build trust on your real estate website. Here’s how!

How to Build Trust on Your Real Estate Website

Bellow is the important points that you need to do when you try to build trust on your real estate website:

  1. Trust sign (https, verified payment, etc.)
  2. Social media account
  3. Blog (write or share something, do contribution to your business)
  4. List client testimonials
  5. About page
  6. Contact information
  7. Professional design, easy to navigate, mobile support.

Fulfilling some of the requirements above items is not wrong at all, but I will tell here a surprising research result. The results of this study were taken from b2b web usability report in 2015.

Here are the survey results from the question “Once you’re on the Home page, what’s the information do you want to see available?”

  1. Products and service 86%
  2. Contact information 64%
  3. About / company information 52%
  4. Testimonials 27%
  5. Marketing collateral 23%
  6. Social media icons 12%
  7. Blog 8%
  8. Pricing 2%

By putting attention to that, it can help you to build trust on your real estate website easier.

Information is Critical Factor to Build Trust on Your Real Estate Website

If we summarized the survey results above, the critical factor tp build trust on your real estate website is information, which is both the product information, contact information and company information.

So make sure you send clearly to the third visitor kind of information earlier. Things that are quite surprising is social media and blogging is not a major factor in building visitor confidence.

From the results of the survey we can make a list of things to do to create a trusted real estate website.

  1. Include the product on the homepage, give the photo and description as clearly as possible. List property on the homepage, give clear information especially price and address.
  2. Website property is not to sell the house on the website but leads the user to contact the agent. make sure the contact agent button is clearly visible.
  3. Give a detailed explanation of the company profile / property. Upload photos of agents complete with social links and their phone numbers.

Also to Remember is to build trust on your real estate website is not just an over night process. This takes a long way and needs consistency.

Are You Ready to Build Trust on Your Real Estate Website?

Those are the tips on how to build trust on your real estate website. If you’ve already managed to build trust on your real estate website, then you can start to learn to boost sales on real estate website.

To help you build trust on your real estate website, you can also add features to your website such as user review plugins. You can do so by installing WordPress plugins.

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