Share it proudly, gain the benefit

Tonjoo affiliate marketing program is a program we create for those who want to gain benefit from sharing our dedicated product. If you are a blogger, web designer/developer, website owner, or digital marketer looking for a product that is eligible to be advertised and will deliver a good additional income for you then our affiliate program is the right choice.

We trust and love our product we never stop developing it. And we want to help as many people as possible in pulling out the best of WordPress. By joining our program you will share a joy of developing WordPress to a lot of people while scoring some good amount of profit.

Start now, the 4 steps are simple :

Join Affiliate


Join our membership by clicking here. If you already have Tonjoo’s account you can start right away by clicking the affiliate section in your dashboard.

Read guidelines


Once you have received your membership and want to start the affiliate program, read our terms and condition and some of our guidelines for you.

Prepare to start


You need tools to start sharing, those are link and banner. Generate your own tagged link from our product or page of your choice in your dashboard. Also check the banners and other creative we provide to help you start advertising.

Publish Affiliate


You are good to go. Share the joy of developing WordPress and score some commissions from your website, social media, advertising network, and every channel you favour.

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For every first product bought from people you refer, you will receive 20% commission.
Example: People click from your tagged link to our website. Then he buys a premium plugin for an amount of $30. You will get a 6$ commission from that selling.

Terms and Condition

  1. About membership
    • Everyone can join affiliate program membership. And by being a member at Tonjoo you also registered as user in our forum and market
    • You can manage your affiliate program (generate link, see your statistic, commission, creative, etc.) via dashboard provided after you sign up
  2. How it works: referring, about cookies, cookies expiration, etc
    • Refer new users to buy Tonjoo’s product to receive commission The commission is 20% (except the special affiliate) for every product sold
    • Every member can generate their own tagged link that having a referral code
    • Simply paste a link to the link generator to obtain your coded link
    • We use cookie to track people who have clicked on your link so you need them to activate the cookie in their browser
    • The cookie will expire in 3 months. Your commission is generated within that time.
  3. About payment:
    • Payment will be made via Paypal
    • Payment will occur at 20th of every month
    • We use US dollars as the currency
  4. Do’s and Don’ts
    • Utilize your existing blog/website with its loyal audience to advertise the link and banner. This could be a blog post, sidebar widget, ads banner, or social media (e.g Facebook and Twitter)
    • Create a new blog/website to attract new audience with a good landing page and be honest about your purpose as an affiliate
    • Tweet, share, comment, refer, to your friend and network via your personal social media
    • Promote our seasonal promotion program
    • Keep updated on our new product and never hesitate to ask us about the product knowledge
    • If you create a new website, never confuse consumers through design that act as a pose to our original website
    • Pose as Tonjoo by making an advertisement that using our trademark logo and symbol aside from the one we provide in creative box
    • Constitute a spam email that will harm the brand