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Skins! for Fluid Responsive Slideshow

On the latest release Fluid Responsive Slideshow is now providing 4 skins to choose : default, elegant, minimalist and modern . The skin setting can be set from the option menu.

Download the Plugin : Fluid-Responsive-Slideshow

Download the Plugin Premium Skin Pack with 50+ skins : Fluid-Responsive-Slideshow: Premium Skin Pack

Default Skins

[pjc_slideshow slide_type=’default’]

Minimalist Skins

[pjc_slideshow slide_type=’minimalist’]

Modern Skins

[pjc_slideshow slide_type=’modern’]

Elegant Skins

[pjc_slideshow slide_type=’elegant’]


  • dk

    Hi Buddy,

    Your plugin is actually not automatically including the JS and CSS files required to get it to work. Users have to manually include them.

    Anyway, just thought I’d let you know!


  • dk

    Hey again,

    In retrospect, it’s probably just my custom theme.

    Disregard :)


  • dk

    Yeah. It was my theme. Whoops!

    Please disregard my nubness. Thanky.

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