Tonjoo Theme Options Maker

Tonjoo Theme Options Maker (TTOM) is a theme options framework and generator for WordPress Theme. TTOM enables you to generate theme options easily and fast. You can also integrate TTOM with your newly created themes, so you can focus on theme usability and design. TTOM is available in plugin or library.


Drag and Drop User Interface

Use our easy-to-use User Interface to easily generate your theme options.

Extensive Theme Options Support

TTOM is supporting a lot of input options such as: Text Area, Media Upload, Select, Select with Image and Checkbox

Input Sanitation and Validation

Every input from the generated theme options will be validated and sanitated. Making your website better and more secure.

Theme Integration API

You can integrate TTOM with your theme. The documentation can be found here :

Custom Ads on Options Page

TTOM allows you to display your own ads that appear on options page.

  1. Gra the plugin from wordpress plugin directory or Upload the tonjoostudio-tom folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin

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Tonjoo Theme Options Maker (TTOM) Manual

In this manual we will guide you to create an options and a theme options, and change some images / logos. TTOM also allows you to create options and even set the plugin configurations like plugin capabilities, page title, menu title, icon and more trough php file that placed on your active theme directory.
TTOM also supports custom ads on the options page, so you can create your own ads on theme options page. If you want to learn how to create configurations file you can read this tutorial :

1. Create a new Options Group

Options in TTOM can be grouped in Options Group. With Options Group we can group our options according to their function, for example : Front Page Options, Single Post Options, etc.


  1. From WP Admin go to TTOM Options -> Create Options.
  2. Fill the group name and group description
  3. Hit “Create”

2. Add options to Options Group

After we create Homepage Options Group we can add options to the group. TTOM support many options that is generally used in a website such as :

  • Text Area
  • Text
  • Select
  • Image Select
  • Combo Box
  • Image
  • And many more


  1. Fill the required field. Option Id is the id of the shortcode. You can alse select option type and default value
  2. Hit Add Option. The option will appear on the left side



3. Set theme options and get the shortcode

After we create Options Group and options we can set the value of the option in the TTOM Options Page.



  1. Select TTOM Options.
  2. Fill the necessary value
  3. Get the shortcode
  4. Save !

You can now integrate the theme options you create with the shortcode you get from step 3. If you want to learn how to use shortcode in your plugin development you can read our tutorial :