Whom is Kensington WP Theme Good For?

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Whom is Kensington WP Theme good for? Kensington is a WordPress theme specifically designed for real estate and property-related websites.

This theme caters not only to professionals in the real estate industry but also to individuals looking to rent out their properties, such as villas, homestays, or guesthouses.

This is largely due to the user-friendly design that Kensington offers. Below, I will detail what is exactly Kensington WP theme good for.

Whom is Kensington WP Theme Good for?

As you might have already know that Kensington WP Theme can help you create homepage in WordPress easily. However, in order to maximize the features, you need to know its strengths. Here are what Kensington WP Theme Good for:

1. For Realtor

What is Kensington WP Theme Good For?

Kensington is a real estate WordPress theme. So, the main audiences for this theme are realtors. This theme is for realtors who want to make a website to sell or rent their properties. These are the features which are designed specifically for realtors.

a. Listing property

By using this feature you can list your property in a manageable way. Every property you list will has its own detail. You can add the gallery, room detail, amenities, maps, floor plans, video, 360 view tour and file attachment.

b. Agent

By using this feature, enable you to add agents. You can add agents as many as you want. You can also assign the agent based on their respective agencies.

2. For Hotel Owner

Hotel Owner will Get More Benefit For Single Page Website in Your Company Profile

If you are a hotel owner, you must need a company profile page. Kensington has been completed with a feature that can be used to make a beautiful company profile page, yet easy to use. Kensington is powered with a page builder.

By using the page builder, you can build your page just with drag and drop. Build your company information without ever touching any code. You can customize it easily. Thanks to many elements that has been provided.

3. For Real Estate Agents to Manage Property Easily

Property Management

Kensington theme does not just beautify your website look. It is not only about how your website look but also about how your website will be functional. Kensington is not just a theme it is a property management.

It will manage all of your accommodation order, payment, and delivering invoices. All the online booking orders will be recorded under booking menu. In the booking menu, you will see the order details start from booking id, nights spent, check in/out date, deposit paid and customer information.

4. For Online Booking Properties

It is So Easy To Book Online By Using Kensington Theme

Kensington has main feature of booking online. This feature will help you simplify and automate the booking process because it has availability calendars, built-in forms and buying pages. The availability calendar will automatically disable the booked date.

Are You Ready to Use Kensington WP Theme?

You already know whom is Kensington WP Theme good for, right? Are you one of them? If yes, you can definitely try to use Kensington to improve your real estate website and drive leads from there.

Whenever you find obstacles when using it, you can discuss it with us through the comment section bellow. If you want to add features to your website, you can do so by installing WordPress plugins.

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